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Over Christmas Specials


First of all we from cardyourcar would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas. Hopefully you can rest a bit and enjoy time with your family and friends.

We will be closed between Christmas and New Year so shipping the orders that that come in during that time will start on the 2nd of January. Nevertheless we will have a look at our emails from time to time so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If your Christmas presents were not what you wanted them to be or if you should just feel like getting yourself something nice we have put together some specials. There is a lot of clothing stuff available at special price as well as special conditions for preorders of our steering wheels. Have a look and get inspired.

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New Shipping Options

Just in time for the start of the preorders for the 2017 calendars we have added new international shipping options for smaller orders up to 2 kilograms and certain size restrictions. Especially for our overseas customers those options come with significant savings in shipping cost, but also European customers can save when buying items like the calendars.

Those new options are:

DHL letter
This is the cheapest option but it also means that there is no insurance or tracking option. Shipping time is about three days for Europe and up to seven days worldwide, but may vary especially before Christmas.

DHL letter w/ insurance + tracking
This costs a bit more than DHL letter but features a tracking option and insurance. Shipping time is about three days for Europe and up to seven days worldwide, but may vary especially before Christmas.

Of course you are still able to choose Fedex if you prefer that.

For now we have only enabled DHL letter shipping for the calendars preorders to check if everything works properly on the technical side. If this is the case we will extend that option to more products like our T-Shirts.

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CYC Steering Wheels

As you most likely already know, we have recently started to make our own steering wheels. We’d like to give you some more info on what we already have, what we are planning for the future and where they are made.

The idea was mainly born because Hirsch had decided not to make the steering wheels for the OG 9-5 and pre facelift 9-3 II, so we started to look for a supplier that fits our demands in quality and flexibility. We are very glad to report that we found a small business in the EU that can deliver both.

Right now we are looking at the possible additions to our portfolio. One can be a version for the 9000, but also the OG 9-3/NG 900/OG 9-5 98-01 shall get their upgrade. We have some photos of the prototype that we received just a few days ago. It is clearly inspired by the design that Hirsch had for their Troll models, just with a full leather design instead of the carbon inlays.


Of course, we are open to suggestions from you. If you are looking for a special version, some special stitching color or a version for a certain car just send an email to and we will figure out something for you.

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Hirsch Performance Bodykit 9-5 II Aero

9-5 combi hirsch

While the last batch we made of the Hirsch Performance Bodykit for the 9-5 II Aero is sold out we are currently looking into starting another production if we get enough orders.

The price will be Euro 1000 excluding VAT or Euro 1190 incl VAT for residents of the EU. The approximate shipping cost is Euro 30 for EU, Euro 140 for the USA and Euro 210 for Asia.

If you are still interested please send an email to until May 1st 2016 so we can put you on the list.

Some info on how things will go: once it’s confirmed that we have enough buyers you will get an invoice for a 50% downpayment. Then, as the bodykits are ready for shipping we will charge the other 50% plus shipping cost.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Project: Reproduction Hirsch Performance 3-Spoke 19″ rims

A while ago we had a set of 19″ 3-spoke Hirsch rims for sale. Not only that this set went quickly, we also realized that a lot of people added themselves to the waitlist. This made us look into the possibilities to make a new batch of those rims while still keeping the price in the region where it always was: Euro 1660 ex VAT (Euro 1975.40 incl 19% VAT).

We are very happy to announce that this project coule become reality if we get together enough orders – and given the number that has already joined the waitlist we are rather optimistic.

Here is how it will work:

If you are interested in purchasing a set please add yourself to the waitlist on the product page.

In about three weeks from today you will get an email asking if you are still interested so we can see if the required number of orders is met. If this is the case we will collect a 50% downpayment.

When the rims are ready for delivery we will charge the other remaining 50% plus shipping cost.

To give you an idea of the shipping cost for one set here are some numbers: EU Euro 45, North America Euro 125, Singapore Euro 145

Please keep in mind that we won’t produce too much more than we have orders for so if you want them join in.