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CYC Steering Wheels

As you most likely already know, we have recently started to make our own steering wheels. We’d like to give you some more info on what we already have, what we are planning for the future and where they are made.

The idea was mainly born because Hirsch had decided not to make the steering wheels for the OG 9-5 and pre facelift 9-3 II, so we started to look for a supplier that fits our demands in quality and flexibility. We are very glad to report that we found a small business in the EU that can deliver both.

Right now we are looking at the possible additions to our portfolio. One can be a version for the 9000, but also the OG 9-3/NG 900/OG 9-5 98-01 shall get their upgrade. We have some photos of the prototype that we received just a few days ago. It is clearly inspired by the design that Hirsch had for their Troll models, just with a full leather design instead of the carbon inlays.


Of course, we are open to suggestions from you. If you are looking for a special version, some special stitching color or a version for a certain car just send an email to and we will figure out something for you.

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Long Term Project (Part 2): 2011 9-3 Aero XWD

June 2015:

Following my return from Germany and Sweden, having spent almost two weeks around some very heavily modified 9-3s and NG9-5s, I was re-energized with enthusiasm and eager to get busy upgrading the 2011 9-3. My goals were simple: At this point, I wanted to finish off the interior, and begin upgrading the car’s exterior appearance and powertrain.

I set to work disassembling the interior (removing the door panels and glovebox) so I could fit the carbon leather door panel insert trims and the glovebox decor strip. Once I had completed those installations, I measured and drilled the brake and accelerator pedals so that I could fit the Hirsch aluminum pedals (a set that I had previously fitted and removed from my 9-5 Aero). Once those were fitted, I removed the plastic “Aero” branded door sill plates, drilled out the inserts and fitted the Hirsch branded aluminum inserts (a replacement for the long unavailable Hirsch all-aluminum door sill plates). The last piece of the interior upgrades (for now), came in the form of the Hirsch steering wheel which replaced the TurboX steering wheel that came in the car originally.

Carbon leather door panel inserts:


Carbon leather glove box trim:


Hirsch aluminum door sill inserts:


Hirsch steering wheel and pedals:


With the interior finally finished, I could move onto the exterior… Here’s where the fun begins…

You can find links to some of the products used in this car’s build at the links below.

Carbon leather door inserts:

Door Trim Carbon leather, 9-3 II Sedan/Combi

Carbon leather glove box decor trim:

Glove Compartment Trim Carbon leather 9-3 07-

Hirsch aluminum door sill inserts:

Hirsch Performance Door Sill Inlay 9-3 03-

Hirsch steering wheel:

Hirsch Performance Steering Wheel 9-3 MY 06-

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Long Term Project (Part 1): 2011 9-3 Aero XWD

Having worked behind the scenes at CardYourCar for a while now, it’s given me the opportunity to get a lot of unique items for my cars over the years. Since May marks the one year anniversary for owning my 2011 9-3 Aero XWD, I thought I would take an opportunity to share with you the car and some of the upgrades that have been done along the way. This will be the first in a series of posts that I hope will inspire some of you and even give a little direction when it comes to upgrading your Saab. (You will find links to some of the items I have used in my upgrades that are available for purchase from our shop below).

The car started life as a 2011 9-3 Aero Turbo4 with XWD. It was decently optioned with dual power front seats with memory, electric folding mirrors, and even the TX Design Pack which gave me carbon fiber interior accents, all black leather seats, TurboX front bumper and titanium finished exterior treatments to the front grilles, fog lights and trunk handle. All in all, a pretty nice car to start with, but having come out of very special 9-5 Aero wagon, I wanted something unique, so…


May 2015:

Having taken delivery of my new to me 9-3 and made a 6 hour drive, I returned home to find a box waiting for me that contained a Hirsch Carbon leather wrapped dash panel and shifter surround as well as an eSID2. Within an hour or two everything was fitted and at that point, I started trying to decide what would come next. A few days later, the Hirsch honeycomb 3-piece grille arrived along with the leather wrapped handle set (all subtle but very nice upgrades to interior and exterior of the car). At this point my mind started to race and I began to ask myself “what should I do next??” Well the answer came about a month later…


A front shot showing the TX finish/Hirsch grille.


Hirsch carbon leather wrapped shifter surround and leather wrapped handle set.

eSID2 can be found here:

eSID 2 for Saab 9-3 MY 07-

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Hirsch Performance Bodykit 9-5 II Aero

9-5 combi hirsch

While the last batch we made of the Hirsch Performance Bodykit for the 9-5 II Aero is sold out we are currently looking into starting another production if we get enough orders.

The price will be Euro 1000 excluding VAT or Euro 1190 incl VAT for residents of the EU. The approximate shipping cost is Euro 30 for EU, Euro 140 for the USA and Euro 210 for Asia.

If you are still interested please send an email to until May 1st 2016 so we can put you on the list.

Some info on how things will go: once it’s confirmed that we have enough buyers you will get an invoice for a 50% downpayment. Then, as the bodykits are ready for shipping we will charge the other 50% plus shipping cost.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.