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CYC Steering Wheels

As you most likely already know, we have recently started to make our own steering wheels. We’d like to give you some more info on what we already have, what we are planning for the future and where they are made.

The idea was mainly born because Hirsch had decided not to make the steering wheels for the OG 9-5 and pre facelift 9-3 II, so we started to look for a supplier that fits our demands in quality and flexibility. We are very glad to report that we found a small business in the EU that can deliver both.

Right now we are looking at the possible additions to our portfolio. One can be a version for the 9000, but also the OG 9-3/NG 900/OG 9-5 98-01 shall get their upgrade. We have some photos of the prototype that we received just a few days ago. It is clearly inspired by the design that Hirsch had for their Troll models, just with a full leather design instead of the carbon inlays.


Of course, we are open to suggestions from you. If you are looking for a special version, some special stitching color or a version for a certain car just send an email to and we will figure out something for you.

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